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Arnold Ziffle

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Dec 30, 2003
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southwest of Houston, Texas
Better fire up the haymaking equipment, or have you already? Sun is finally shining here around Houston, almost forgot what it looked like. The weather guessers claim that we should have 4 or 5 days of sunshine with small chance of rain. I hope your bermuda hay fields can dry out enough to allow you to put up some hay before the next wet round hits. Officially for Houston we finished out the month as the second wettest June on record, less than one inch away from the all-time record. Got just shy of 19 inches in June officially, but some spots got much more.

Now is when it really is nice to have your own equipment --- I know I don't stand a chance at getting any of the custom hay guys out to do mine for quite a while. Too busy trying to get their own cut and then on to their BIG customers.
Up here we haven't got that much rain, it has just been spaced out so you could not cut. Like you say it pays to own your own equipment (John Deere) because you pick the time. We have several smaller customers but we tell them that we will pick them up as we go by. Also, if you will contract a baler in February you usually get them out on time. It might pay to buy your own baler because cutting takes alot less time and most people do not mind stopping by to cut a field. We have 3 JD swathers that never stop and one of them custom cut for people that bale at least 50% of the time.
Been hooked up for over a month. We got another 2 inches yesterday has rained everyday this week. I have got 20 acres creekbootom hayfields they will need a couple of weeks. Have another 30 acres on the hill,plan on cutting next week.

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