hero not doin' well

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I needed this back when I was younger.

If We Make It Through December (1973)

He ain't gone yet. He won't as long as I live.

Good post.
Seem like all our Hero,s are dying off makes us realize that our day is getting closer also
I love Merle
have you heard the song he done with Gretchen Wilson "politicly uncorrect" that is a good one

I found a pic the awhile back of Merle and my first wife was in a box of pics I got when we got divorced maybe I can cut her out and just have the pic of Merle :lol:
im sure he would agree. like the rest. like hank, lefty, waylon, ...... if he new he was gonna live this long, he would have taken better care of himself. take a look at this tear jerker> can't listen too this one with out getting choked up . some folks sing ....some can make you feel it, like you were there...thats merle ;-)


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