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Oct 31, 2006
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Hi everyone

Some pictures of farm bulls and cows, not show animals.

Not very good quality pics..... :(





Every comment is welcome, my main desire for posting pictures is not to receive :clap: is just to read and learn about other's opinions. These animals belong to a friend and partner.

Really like the two on the right. The one the left isn't sound shouldered enough for my liking and I don't like the lazy prepuce and break behind the shoulders. Very impressive chest width on all three. Do you have more photos of the one in the middle?
northtexas":3vjruq81 said:
Beat me to the punch, that one in the middle seems to be outstanding. His width of chest is really nice.

Just a really masculine looking bull.

Did I say, 'I like him' ?

You like polled genetics?
Really nice! I love that third pic of all the bulls. I love the mass and power in the bulls.
iowahawkeyes":8kamuo51 said:
Really nice! I love that third pic of all the bulls. I love the mass and power in the bulls.
those cows aint shabby either....... personally i rather look at a good group of momas any day ...then imagine what bull i would use on em ;-)
nice cattle, i like the middle bull too. i always enjoy pics, i just am to lazy to take any myself.
I agree, I like the look of the cows and bulls. Thanks for posting the pics. Interesting.
One thing that strikes me is the uniformity of the height of the cows in the first picture. They are like they were all stamped out with the same cookie cutter. Mine go up and down quite a bit more when they are side by side like that.

More uniform height (and weight) like that is one of my goals.

Are these cows all closely related/same genetics? Very nice pictures. Thanks for posting them. Jim
northtexas":zubbqnkl said:
I like good bulls, be they Angus, Beefmaster, Polled Hereford, Horned Hereford, or the ever popular purple polka-dotted composite!
Not purple polka dots but she's purty.
I like them. How many acres or hectacres does it take to run a cow/calf pair in your area?

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