Hereford bulls/first calve heifers?

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We've never tried that particular breeding. We use Rd Angus on all of the heifers for their first calf. But the local Polled Hereford breeders use Polled Hereford bulls on all of their heifers with no problems. We have just such great success(luck) using one particular Red Angus bull on heifers that we've never seen any real reason for trying anything else. But we're retaining at least 2 heifrs sired by that bull this year so we're kind of in a quandry as to who to use on them. One of the Polled Hereford bulls we used this year is supposed to be a great calving ease bull. We'll see when the cows calve and decide if we'll use him on heifers.

Copenhagen & Shiner B":26dzww4c said:
How do Herefords compare on average as compared with Angus bulls for calvin' ease on first calf heifers?

Herefords are all I use, I run Braxtons itty bitty calves that grow like weeds. There are some bloodlines I want even look at, burnt child is scared of fire.
I bought a bred cow who had a BW of 58 with a heifer at side with a BW of 63, and she had a bull calf that was smaller than any I've ever had, and he grew out well, is now a show steer for someone else. She was a Hazzlett - Line One bred back to a calving ease Tcaldo Tone Hazlett bull. So I would say the right bloodlines would be fine. I'd trust Campground's judgement.
Copenhagen & Shiner B":2btz0x5w said:
How do Herefords compare on average as compared with Angus bulls for calvin' ease on first calf heifers?

I run hereford and angus bulls, personally I'll never run a herford bull on yearling heifers, Angus breeders are the undisputed champions of calving ease, (save for Longhorns but we're not calving out jack rabbits here). Everyone I know that runs herford bulls never puts them on first calf heifers, you can sleep a little easier at night that way. As far as sacrificing heterosis forget it, your main goal that first year is to get her to calve on her own, raise a live calf, and breed back in time to calve with the main herd.
We had more problems with an Angus bull on heifers than anything else. Of course, if you'll check those lovely calving ease and birthweight EPD's, you can make the choice easier. We've never had a problem with a low BW and CE Simmental bull on heifers.
We ussually wait till our heifers are two years old when it comes to out stud heifers unless we can get another sort of bull, sometimes we put a droughtmaster bull over them that works well but these are cattle that we want to put on weight as well as keep it. Best check the ebv's

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