hereford bull Schu-lar 5N

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I've never used the bull so I can only go by what I can see in registrations and ratios. There was still a good group of calves registered on of 5N this spring, but overall he hasn't seen as much use as a more famous half brother M326. I've seen a handful of M326 progeny and overall I like them. Also I think they'd be much easier to market, with the added exposure of their sire. However good animals should sell well any way. M326 and 5N have similar ratios on IMF, but then 5N falls to around 99% on REA while M326 stays above 100 at 101%. Based on the ratios it looks like 3008 sired a lot of IMF, but not some much REA. M326's dam ratioed on 10 calves 103.9% for REA and 105.2% for IMF. On 5 calves, 5N's dam was under 100% for REA and only 101.5% on REA. That's about all I can say. Some of it probably doesn't mean too much though. What were you looking to add with 5N. IMO there's much better reg. hereford AI bulls out there.

I also attached a younger photo of him that I got off the AHA site. It doesn't impress me too much.
Here is a picture of a Schular 5N son.


e-mail me with any questions that you may have.
I have two P606 grand daughters and was looking to drop their milk epd alittle to add more longevity with a red eyed calve. They are only heifers so i want to use a low birth weight bull. I don't have my own tank or semen, so as of right now i hav to rely on stud services.
I think Genex has a good photo shoot of him. On the uphill he looks to have a purdy level underline, maybe not so on level ground. In the other photo he looks really framy. Not to say hes not a bad looking bull. He has really good EPD's. I would look up his Ratios and see how he did among his peers. His acctuall ww and YW are not explosive but the spread between BW and YW is really good. They might have been goin for a target YW instead of AVG too. Dont know the Breeders.
when you talk about M326, Do you mean the KCF Bennett 3008 M326. Is that the bull you're talking about?
Yes I meant KCF Bennett 3008 M326, sorry should have been more specific. He's not with any stud service though. Have you looked at SHF Rib Eye with ABS? If your dead set on genex, I like Anhinga vic s84 k16. Might not add pigment, but there are some other qualities to him I like. Do you have any pictures of you heifers?
What about the SHF Phoenix bull that is selling in the Rodgers' dispersal? I believe some of the high indexing IMF heifers in their sale were sired by him, one with 6.4%, their highest ever.

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