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May 9, 2013
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Upstate NY
I've never posted a picture (too tech-challenged to know how, and too lazy to figure it out). But I'm gonna try. IF they post, keep in mind these are just crappy cell phone shots, and I didn't make them pose or anything. So please be gentle :)
Not bad photos for what you were saying, gives us an idea of the cows. They seem to have a lot of volume to them, plenty of depth and carry it through. Your paddocks seem to have got a good go on since the snow melted.

Thanks all! These are two of them I'm trying to re-home so it's good to hear that folks think they look decent. We've just gotten nearly all female calves the past 4 years (have sold a few, retained some) so we are needing to trim down before winter hits again. That grass might look good now but we feed hay 6 months a year which is a killer on costs!

The daughter's sire is Plattemere Weigh Up, for those that follow such things. The mother is our herd oldtimer (age 6 going on 7).
Workinonit Farm":1n52jr7m said:
Nice looking animals. That grass looks good too!
Thanks. We have some weedy pastures. This is one of the better ones (knock wood). Seeded a big one last year and a lot of yellow rocket is coming up

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