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Mar 8, 2017
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I've got a field that has been neglected for the better part of 10 years. It is all board, small cedar, and think as can be. My thoughts are bush hog and spray week later. Would I be able plant wheat as a cover crop through the winter and hold the weeds at bay come spring? If so, I would liketo graze it starting middle of Feb.
The biggest problem with brush hogging cedars is that they turn into the eordt tire staubbers there are.
Craig Miller":r2v83fth said:
If you bush hog first your spray won't have any foliage to stick to.

I second. Spray first. When it is clear they are on their way to death, then come through and mow. Or might would even weight til they are stone dead. then mow.
Spray, when it's dead burn it. Fertilize and lime then see waht comes up
10-4 on the tire punching stobs. New neighbors bought a place that hasn't been mowed in 10's of years. They mowed. The tires on their truck and tractor suffered. The truck was newly bought '17 Toyota. Turned right around and bought a set of 10 ply tires for it. $$$$$$$$ flying getting started.
if the weeds are really tall then spraying it wont work as good as bushhogging it first, id give it a couple weeks after bushhogging so they regrow a few leaves for the spray to work on
I have cleared a few fields covered in brush and small cedar. Hired a guy with a small track dozer to brush hog and clear the ground. Then waited a few weeks and sprayed, followed by disc and fertilizer. It's a little work but worth it in the end not to mention hiring the guy with small track dozer saved me a lot of flat tires.

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