Help with info on feeding fish to cattle?

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May 30, 2004
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Victoria, Australia
In relation to my recent post, I am wondering if anyone would be able to help me out with finding facts associated with feeding fish to cattle, as there were different opinions in relation to my post. Are there any internet sites/books I should read?


Steve. ;-)
There was a time when fish meal was added to feed rations to boost protein in the ration, as I understand it the laws regulating feeding cattle ment for human consumption, NO animal product are to be fed to any animal intended for possible consuption by a human

Thus DO NOT Feed fish or fish derived products to cattle intended for human consumption

This is why cattle in canada sell for $3.0 cwt, they fed animal products to dairy cattle to increase protein oin the ration cheaply, now they are paying the big price

This is also how BSE got in the cattle population, not from fish per say, but a fish is an animal and should not be fed to cattle or any other animals
Being in a oil field family . I got dragged all over the world.
As a child I was very , very allergic to Bee Stings , pork , milk , and fish.
About all I could eat was Soybean milk , peanut buter, and chicken.
When we moved to Peru, My parents had pretty much figured out my allergies.
Every time that I ate chicken , I wouild go into projectile vomiting ,( not a pretty picture)
Long story short , The peruvians were feeding the chickens a high concentration of fish meal!!!

Any way I agree with most of the opinions here, If you have a lot of "fish feed" Avaiable , why don't you start a small catfish farm??
Just a thought :lol:
I don't think that would be a problem, even though catfish are fish , they do eat fish. I hope I'm not opening a can of worms here :D
Hey I like cat food, Just joking. Yeah I don't think I like the whole cattle eating fish thing. Cattle are plant eaters (herbivores). They don't eat fish in the wild. Maybe if the fish died, went into the soil and grass grew, that's the only thing I could even relate to.
Ellie May

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