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I use photobucket, it resize it automatically when you want to post it here.

My computer skills don't allow me to be of more help.
Hey Sporder,
Here's the way I usually always do it, it may sound really complicated but it really is easy, and you don't have to upload them to a website this way either to "downsize" them.

1. Put your picture in a folder on your desktop.

2. Right click on your picture.

3. Hit "send to" about halfway down the list

4. Then click on "mail recipient"

5. A new little window should come up, select the option "make all my pictures smaller"

6. Your pictures should come up in an email window like it's gonna be sent

7. Right click on the picture and hit "copy"

8. Then go to your folder you had the picture in and right click on it and hit "paste"

9. It may ask you if you want to replace the regular picture you HAD in there with the resized image, so hit yes.

10. There you have it. Hope it works. Some it does, and some it doesn't so all you can do is try. :)

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