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Oct 19, 2004
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hey i am doing an assignment on limos and i was jsus wunderin if any1 has any info they would like to share wit me about breed characteristics, history of the breed, and any otha stuff. it would b greatly appreciated. thanx :D
check out the breeds pages on Cattle Today home page. try the Okie State page too, jut google search for breeds of cattle and one of them should link to it.

This isnt a very good source of information that isn't biased for or against.
It is best to test any breed information you get here with what you can find in other places. One person may tell you they have an awful temperament and others may tell you they take them to the grocery store on a leash. Check out the web and the breed association site. Focus on what you need to know from those sources and then ask specific questions about people's experiences with what you are writing. You could possibly get a few good quotes from here to back up your research.

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