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I need some inspiration! I am organising a display promoting Poll Herefords and also our school (we have pollys). I have to finish it in a week and I've got lots of photos but Im wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to make it a little different, eye catching or anthing else you think is important.

Thanks in advance for any replys i get
If your looking for pics on polled herefords get in touch with Txag. This guy must be a camera bug in his spare time. He has some really good polled hereford pics.

thanks campground.

cattle kid,

first i'd ask if you're a member of your state junior association. most of these have displays they use at the junior nationals promoting both their state & polled hereford cattle. they may have something you could borrow.

if not, i'd still suggest to go with something similar. incorporate both state (or school) information & polled hereford information. also, what's also interesting is how the breed has changed. you may want to use some old pictures of show cattle from the 60s or 70s & then pictures of show cattle today. i mention show cattle only because those pictures are easier to find.

also, you may want to contact the american hereford association. the website is

good luck
I still go for that "Dollar Mark" under the ear though. The very first Hereford Bull Champion back in the 1700's has that mark and it still carries through! I need to figure out a way to get my boy's pic on here. My grandparent's herd all carried the dollar mark too, also the "rope burns" hamstrings. I guess I''m saying they have changed in some ways and stayed the same in others.
thanks everyone for your great ideas! I am currently putting the display together and heading off to prepare the cattle for the show in a couple of days time. It looks great!

btw, txag, i am in australia but yes i am a member of the junior polly society. Ur idea about how show cattle have changed was really good especially because there have been heaps of different fashions over the years in australia.

Thanks everyone :D :D :D :D :D

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