Help! Guts came out of a newborn calf

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Feb 21, 2009
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Heaven........... Western COLORADO
Hello. I had a red angus cow that was wandering all over the corral all day. Tonight I nocicted a "cord' hanging out of the cow. We got her in the chute and pulled the calf. Calf was died... appr. 75 lbs..and the calf pulled harder than it should of.... The calfs intestions (guts) came out of the navel... Suggestions on what caused this??? Second calf cow... we are located in western colorado. thanks
I have had this happen on 1 or 2 calves before been told that

1 navel not closing can be the cause

2 cow/calf straining during a hard birth

3 cord gets wrapped around the calfs legs and and pulls the intestines out have actually had them born this way with cord wrapped around their legs

just one of those things that happens every now and then
Isn't TH pretty much confined to Shorthorns and Maines?

Where are you located in Co..
We looked up her records she is 1/4 shorthorn... And because she was bred on the blm.. Their is a possibly that the calf father could have been Main. We took ear samples too see.
We live near Glenwood Springs........You???

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