help cow unbalanced, limp in rear

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Jul 27, 2009
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help please. I have a friend with a zebu cow. The cow recently had a baby. They noticed the mama cow has a limp in the rear, looks like she is walking into walls, staggering. Does not have cloudy eyes, but looks like it could be blind. Eats and drinks when you put food and water in front of her. Any suggestions?
She probably pinched a nerve or messed something up when she calved. Was the calving rough or the calf big? Not sure where the eyes would come into play though, unless she has something systemic wrong with her instead.
Ketosis perhaps... but you have nowhere near enough info in this post to even come close to pinpointing the problem(s). Call a vet, just for a phone consultation if nothing else. In order for anyone on the forum to help you we'd need more info, ie cow's age, body condition, milk production level, which leg is she lame on, any swelling, what is she eating exactly and how much, etc, etc. Photos would be great, video of the cow would be better.