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Camping up at texoma lake and got ran in the camper by over 2" last night. This happened while I was reading about "el Nina" going to be extra dry this year. Cows standing belly deep in rye grass and 70 bales hauled in this week. Sure confusing this time of year
I'll say….what's "el Nina"?
Several days without much in the way of rain. I'll try to jump on the hackberry trees tomorrow afternoon and Monday...at least the ones where the ground is firm enough to not leave ruts. Humidity is up there this time of year.
Only got a sprinkle of rain on Thursday, so pastures have been drying out. After a month of rains, I was finally able to get into the South Pasture (mostly). Saw the remnants of the flood waters that went thru and laid over the rye. Had a few downed trees & its still wet in many places, but I'll count my blessings.
Man that looks bad! Hoping the summer grasses fill in for you.
Not that bad all things considering. Summer grasses are coming thru the rye & it's mainly laid down in a band close to the creek. I didn't even have much trash or tore up fence! Think I will come out ahead on this one - thank God!
Ok…tree in Mom's yard is taken care of as is most of the one in the corner of the hay pasture behind her house. A good start for only 3 hours worth of work.

A thought occurred to me while working in this pea soup humidity. You see all these fitness programs for losing weight out there (this fit, that fit, etc.). Maybe I should come out with a program called "Farm Fit" where people come out here and actually pay me to help with some of the work. This time of the year, you could probably lose one pants size per day…lol.

P. S. I've got dibs on the name "Farm Fit". lol again

Another P. S. Gave the old Stihl 391 chainsaw mentioned in another thread a good work out - working like a champ. It's the one that I accidentally had repaired ( long story)…see the thread about what I've done that makes me question my intelligence for details. And no, I'm still not juggling chainsaws @Mark Reynolds …lol

The suspected second late arrival calf turned out to be untrue. But the first late arrival is a little white heifer born to eartag #15 (somewhat flighty cow)…mother and calf doing fine. Cows have plenty of grass are getting pretty fat.
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5 trees down and 3 to go. Pastures look pretty good weed wise. The missus came down there with some cold water near the end today. Being the romantic devil that I am, I let her see my upper level skills with the chainsaw and grapple. She thinks my tractor's sexy. Rehab pasture is looking pretty good all things considered. Now for a shower and off to the son's girlfriend's birthday dinner. If it weren't for that, I could get at least one more tree. It is my understanding that he is going to propose at his graduation from the fire academy…while I'm 660 miles away in Fort stinkin' Davis…sigh

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