heiffers vs bull calves at market...

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Aug 4, 2007
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Which brings a better price? My assumption is that bull calves would be more profitable, but I thought I'd ask to be sure.

The reason I ask is, if I have a small herd and sell a few cattle through direct sales, and the rest at auction, would it make sense to prefferentially sell heiffers direct sales and bull calves at auction, or the other way around? Or does it matter?

My original thinking was, sell the lower valued animal direct sales, to get more for it. But then I thought, perhaps selling the higher valued animal for even more might make more sense.

What are your thoughts?
When you say direct sales are you talking freezer beef, breeding stock, or just calves sold for further feeding or grazing. Yes, bull calves usually sell higher and grow faster than heifers.
Steer the bull calves and sell them. Sell the heifers as freezer beef.
If you do not steer them and are keeping them to finished weight (1000-1400) kill them and sell the heifers.
I have never seen, during a feeder calf auction. Same quality heifers sell equal to the steers.
Bull calves and heifers will often bring about the same.
Yes it would make sense to sell direct the lower value animals. colored calves, bulls, heifers etc.

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