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Feb 12, 2004
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We have 6 brahman heifers, 3 are 6-9 months older than the other, two older and one younger maybe pregnant (one is for sure). We think the older ones are getting breed BUT they abort. The smaller(younger) one is holding on. They are on OPEN RANGE- and I mean OPEN RANGE. We give them mineral blocks, and grain supp. But still (we think) theyre aborting.

The question is why are they aborting? Lack of feed because of Open Range or the Need to adapt to new environment we bought them in AZ where they were feed very well, and we put them in a ranch where Fittest survive.
Any advise or comments would be appreciated.
Have all cattle on the place been vaccinated for IBR, BVD, etc? I don't know at what stage of gestation these things cause abortions, but I would check vaccination records on all cattle. Sorry
First thing that came to mind was lepto. Could be a poisonious plant.

Very doubtful that it is bangs, they should have been tested in Arizona before they were shipped into Texas.

Where are you located?
sounds more to me like they may not even be breeding. you might want to watch them for heat cycles.