Heifer with digestive issue?

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Jul 1, 2004
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East of Dallas Texas
I have a black pure bred Sim heifer born in April 08 that gained 2lbs/d during weaning. She was weaned 11/1. She has always had a very dirty butt and I'm sure the runny piles I've seen (look almost like scour piles/splatters) are hers. Her appitite for hay, grazing and feed seem ok. Shes been worked up to 2 lbs of a 14/68 feed twice a day since weaning with no change in her stools. The other similar age heifers she is with have stools that are way more firm. In fact I've been thinking of increasing their protein but am concerned about the effect on her. Comments?
Instead of upping the protein I would highly suggest that you give your heifer some Kaolin Pectin Solution. If she has had diarrhea for a while or scours there is an imbalance of the bacteria at work in her intestines and she isn't digesting her nutrients like she should. Kaolin will help prevent dehydration, will absorb and help remove bacterial toxins and poisons from the intestinal tract. It will also help relax and slow down the movement of inflamed intestines to normal rates. You can find it at any feed store.

Best of luck ^_^
She has had the runs since before she was weaned. I think I remember her dirty butt starting at about 4 months of age. She got her health work up (except for bangs) when she was weaned on 11/1. Even though she has been brought up on grain over the past 4 weeks, she has always had free choice hay and/grazing bermuda pastures. She still looks healthy, although a little on the small side. I'll try that Kaolin Pectin Solution
You might also consider something like probios. It is a paste that you give them orally that helps increase appetite, get rumen stimulated and regulate the bacteria in the rumen. We had a baby foal one time that was born with the runs, was basically allergic to the mare's milk. We had to give her several medications to stop the runs so her digestive tract could get the right balance of bacteria. Once that was done, she was completely fine and grew to a fine mare.

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