Heifer problem need help!!!

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Oct 24, 2004
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Sealy Texas
I have a brahama heifer thats about to have a calf. The problem she is haveing is that her navel has sowlen so big that it looks like a second milk sack. None of my other cattle have even done this. I notecied that everyone in a while she will kick at it like ites bothering her. The navel buldge lookes like it may be full of fluid, possibley milk im not sure. Can anyone tell me if i should worry about this or not? She should have a calf any day now. Thanks in advance.
Growing up on a dairy farm I saw excessive edema that went through to the brisket at times. Just means she is a very "wet" heifer. And the kicking could be just her kicking at the calf. They get in uncomfortable positions in the cow and that is the only way they know to tell the calf to move. Again, it is hard to say what might be going on w/o seeing your animal. And this is just my 2 cents.
She'll be fine. We have had this happen before and have not had any problems.

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