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Jun 9, 2004
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Here are some pictures of some of our heifers I am selling this year. I wanted to see if I could post pictures right.[/img]
Nice looking heifers!

Suggestion: "Re-size" your photos from the 1800 x 1200 (or similar) original size to about a 800 x 600 pixel size. Then they will fit onto a screen.

You should have a re-sizing program on your digital camera software loaded onto your computer already.
Bill -- I see that you have recently updated your site. Perhaps I just didn't find the right thumbnail to click on, but do you not have an enlarged one of Jet Black Phantom in essentially the same pose as you have with JR Seman? I'd enjoy seeing a good close up view of him with side profile. Not trying to sound critical, but in the small side view I saw he looks a little light in the hind end (maybe because he's just in his "work clothes"?) --- but I guess I'm sorta hung up on bulls with butts like Senator, Shadow, Zhivago, etc. (DCCI has really bred a lot of good butts haven't they!). Nice enhancements to your site . Regards, A.Z.
Thanks, I will try that next time. I croped the pics but didn't know haw big they would show up :shock:

Anyone interested in some heifers? ;-)
Hello CopeMan!

He is a registered Red Brangus from the Marden ranch. His name is Flato something or another, (I can never remember all of it). We bought him at 18 mts old and dumped him in with the girls. He has grown up real nice and he is very gentle, he'll eat cubes right out of my hand. We have been real happy with his calves. About 10% come out red, the rest are black or black baldy. His very first calf was a red baldy, but that was the only one of those we have had.

We just replaced our other herd sire with a Synagus (sp) to use on our other herd, mostly herefords and crosses. I can't wait to see his calves. He is absolutely handsome.

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