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Jan 28, 2006
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All of these heifers where born in January. The first three are out of my Simmental bull, the gray heifer is out of a Charolais X cow, the black w/f is out of a SimAngus first calf heifer, the third is a out of a Angus cow. The last two are registered Angus. I have the gray heifer sold as a commercial show heifer and I am planning on keeping the two SimAngus. I am still trying to decide what to do with the Angus heifers.
This is the sire of the first three:

He turned two in March.
I like those first 3 a lot. especially number 2.

Nuthin wrong with the sire either.
The first heifer is really special, also like the second, it goes downhill from there though.
The first heifer is actually out of my oddball cow, she is yellow with a white face. All of the others are black or black white faced. Maybe I need some more of those type cows. I have one other smokey heifer calf this year and thats because a charolais bull jumped the fence.
The second calf is my pick from my calves this year. She is out of a first calf heifer. The third is out of a cow that never lets my down. She has has five calves total. Four heifers and a bull. I cut the bull and he was my reserve champion show steer, and the four heifers have all been kept as replacements over the years.
The last two calves are out of cows I bought bred. There dams are bred back to my Simmental bull this year, the sire of the first three heifers. I agree though, there is not comparison in them and the first three.

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