Heifer calving at 15 months

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The craziest thing happened to me today. This older man asked me to come and look at one of his heifers today after church. He said she'd been trying to calve since Friday! I got there and we got her up. I tried to turn the calf around but it was so tight in there. She would have been lucky to squeeze a grapefruit out of there. The vet had to come and saw the calf up. now she might not make it. I couldn't believe this.

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We had a similar experience when we bought a group of around 150 feeder heifers 20+ years ago. We were told by the cattle dealer that the heifers had received shots to ensure that they weren't pregnant. Well, a couple months later some heifers started calving. Some calved prematurely having calves the size of big cats. When it was all said and done we had over 30 heifers calve and I believe we only saved five or six calves.

One heifer had such a big calf inside the vet ended up cutting him out also. We were able to save the heifer thankfully.

You may want to remind the guy who owns the heifer to never let a heifer go more than an hour or two without assistance if he isn't seeing any progress with the delivery. The heifer would have a much great chance of survival if he would have intervened sooner.

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