Heifer calf with hip problem

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I have a black angus heifer calf I bought from a local sale. They said she might have been blind, because she was stumbling and running into things in the ring. I figure she was good enough to feed out to put in the freezer. Well she was not blind as I discovered later. My questions is in breeding this heifer or not. I believe the problem is in the hips some where. You can see her kinda wobble a little side to side. She runs jumps and bullies just a well as some of my other calves. Now that she is about 400 lbs I'm no sure about putting her in the freezer if there is a chance she can raise a normal calf. I figure if I keep her in the lot she is in after I have her bred she night be alright if I keep a good eye on her. She looks really good, mostly from being fed very well these last 4 months. My neighbor has a small black bull that I think would be ideal to breed to. I plan on taking her to the vets office and let him look at her to get his opinon. Any suggestion would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.

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Ok, let's say she has a malformed pelvis and passes this on genetically...or needs a cesarian section to have the calf....or suffers from a genetic enzyme deficiency and will die while bred....why breed a defective animal and pass things on? Ship her and do it humanely. Also 400 lbs for having been on feed for 4 months is small for an angus if she's growing well.

Sorry to be blunt. V
Well I have really know idea how much she actually weighs since I haven't a scale at the house and the nearest one is 20 miles away. I know she was 250 when I bought her. I was just guess, I really have not done much with cattle to have a good enough eye to say how much they weigh. I guess you did answer my question about getting her bred. I was wondering if it may have been geneticaly passed on or not. Thanks alot.


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