heifer calf & bull calf

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Feb 14, 2006
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Just wanted to post a picture of a heifer from a 1st time calver; standing beside a bull calf out of a 6 year old cow. Both calves are Beefmaster/Limi cross. Light red colored heifer is actually about 2 weeks older than the dark bull calf.
They both have same sire? Is the heifer and 6yo similar in size and color? Bulls are usually bigger than heifers. We have raised all of our cows from heifers and the 1stcalf heifer's calves are usually smaller, sometimes they have a growth spurt and catch up. Some of our cows just have and raise bigger calves regardless of the bull. Cute babies :)
Good lookin calves. That red one would be in someone's freezer around here. She is the wrong color.
those are some goodlooking calves.you cant go wrong with beefmaster sired calves.
yes, both have the same sire; a black limousin.
The heifer's momma is about the same color as her, while the bull calf's momma is a bigger beefmaster cow, dark red in color.
Nice calves Mike,even though the heifer is alot smaller. I've seen that in first time heifers. Alot of the time my smaller crosses like that never come around . I'm not sure why genetics I guess. Maybe it's because it's their first calf. I cull them early ,because they just don't grow right. Now that is a nice steer calf. He should do well for you.
I agree with you about some first time calvers, and their calves never seem to grow out very well. I too cull them early, and get the momma cow back in shape for the calving of her 2nd calf. That way, she can produce more milk, and raise a bigger calf hopefully.

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