Heifer bull... 242 I'm sold.

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May 9, 2004
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NW Oregon
Lots of talk lately about Polled Hereford heifer bulls. While I like Progress and Rib Eye and use both, I was really sold on 242 for those heifers you cross your fingers for.

I have a small framed 1st time heifer, 3 days short of 24 months, about 800 to 850 lbs. She had a 242 calf last night, first calf this year. From the time she started showing the birth sack to calf on the ground was about and hour heifer calf 68lbs, no assistance. If she was a bigger heifer I would have not hesitated to use Progress, Rib Eye or Harland (the bulls in my tank).

Now my only concern is watching if she can catch up in growth rates with the other calves with 242's WW and YW numbers. But again I'm sold on how easy this 68 lb calf came from a small framed 1st time heifer.


I did not use Progress this year but last year my bw on heifers were out of Progress a set of twins at 44 lbs each, 50 lb heifer out of a Black baldy,62lb bull calf ( the one I cut to soon), 65lb heifer, 70lb bull. I just think that Progress is a step forward over 242. If you study his perigree you will find his dam is one heck of a cow she constantly took BW out of matings and she also produced Phoenix the same year.

Of the heifer calves all will be bred next month at my place. I did not register the twins but will move them into my commercial herd.

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S&S Farms":1mpqqoyl said:
I just think that Progress is a step forward over 242.

I agree with you 100%, he is a step forward. I used 242 because of my first time heifers and I've had him in my tanks for a couple of years. With bulls like Progress, Ribeye, Harland around I doubt I'll buy any more 242.

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I'll return you PM now, thanks :oops:


It's hard to go wrong with Legend. His calves tend to be smaller in frame, which would give a lower WW and YW, but they are balanced, well muscled, good uddered and overall good looking cattle.

Congratulations on a good start!