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Jul 1, 2007
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North Carolina
Hi All !!!!! Another year, another question :?: In waiting 30 days after vaccinating a heifer to breed. Do you wait 30 days to insert a CIDR or can you go ahead and start synchronization and actually AI in 30 days?
Go ahead and insert the cidr, 30 days from vaccinations to breeding. I assume your talking about live IBR/BVD vaccine such as Bovishield gold 5 or Preg guard 10? There is a Vista product on the market that is live IBR/BVD that you can give that does not require the 30 days. I used it last season on a small number of heifers that were brought to us that needed vaccinations and breeding.
Thanks Sage !!!!! That is interesting about the Vista product. I will keep that in mind. I will set up the breeding as you suggested. Hope you have a GREAT year.

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