Heifer being sucked on

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Feb 5, 2004
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Eastern PA
I recently noticed a first calf heifer (beef cow)being sucked on by another. I seperated the one sucking her and then she really bagged up over the next coupledays. She is not due for another month or so. Will this hurt her lactation and will the calf get an adequate amount of colostrum. I already plan on supplementing the calf as soon as it is born, but what about after the fact. Thanks
I wouldn't worry about it that much, the calf should be fine if she is actually a month away. It shouldn't need supplement either, unless your gunna give it another extra shot of colostrum just in case.
You might need to keep an eye on her after she calves. If she stands to be sucked now, she may be one of those mothers that will let any calf nurse. Just be sure her baby is getting all it needs.

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