Heffer walking in circles

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I have this 3/4yr old heffer, thats been acting strange & has lost weight. This started in the spring of 2003, she lost weight wasnt giving a lot of milk to her calf. So i wormed her, gave lepto & colostrium, plus pinicillin. She responded picked up weight did fine for the rest of the yr. This january she lost her calf, started loosing weight again & walking in circles.Then she wasnt eating like the rest of the cows ,so I vascinated again except give pinicillin. she still not gaining wht., walking in circles, & not eating like she should. I was reading and found this article on CIRCLING DISEASE/ LISTERIOSIS. and was wondering if this is what wrong with this cow.And if so what to do sell or keep.
Or shoot her. Some sale barns won't take anything that even appears marginally not right.
Neighbor had a heifer with that problem. Huge doses of LA200 everyother day for 6 months finally got her over it. She's coming 2 and almost the size of a yearling.


la4angus":3qv0uw8g said:
Sell her.
I hope that if you do sell her that you respect the slaughter withdraw time for your vaccinations . I agree with dun about shooting her if you can afford it and wright her loss off on your taxes. I would hate to have the next case of bse show up at my place on a 10 cent per pound salvage heifer
How is she holding her head? Sometimes an equilibrium(sp?) inbalance will cause that. I've also seen blind cows walk in circles. Just a thought.
la4angus":3j9yuxr1 said:
Sell her.

Since the BSE case you can't just sell an animal like that. I had a cow with a broken leg and they wouldn't even butcher her, and this was for my own consumption.

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