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May 5, 2009
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Hi, I'm a greenhand in our ag chapter and have paricipated in the commercial steer show at houston this past year, but don't know too much about show steers. My ag teacher said it would be a good idea to do a market steer for next year, so today we went and checked some out. The were three heat wave calves there and one charolais, my ag teacher told the other student with us that the charlolais would be a good choice for her because she has never raised any type of steer before. I thought that was fair because I'd had a good amount of experience around cattle, so I chose the best built of the heat wave calves. Since I don't know much about them I figured I might as well ask here since you guys helped me alot with study material for commercial steer for houston. I'd much appreciate any help you could give me about this breed and anything about a charolais for my friend since she's a beginner. Thanks and God bless.
Heat Wave is a composite of a few breeds,he is sired by Heat Seeker and a Playboy cow.Heat seeker was sired by De Bull and a shothorn cow.So your steer is a composite of angus,maine,chi,shorthorn,and maybe something else just on the sires side.Heat Wave has been cloned now and was the most popular club calf bull the last few years,he also Imo worked the best on simm-angus cows.You might have more luck on a site like www.steerplanet.com
Heat Wave is the name of the bull that sired your steer..... He is a club calf bull... You can find pics of him and the clones at Lautner Farms website or Bovine Elite's website

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