Heat Detection for AI Part II

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Bright Raven

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Mar 10, 2017
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I have the herd serviced (17 cows and 3 heifers). Sixteen have passed over one or more estrus cycles. I have four waiting to pass. Two were slow returning to heat and I used the 7 day CIDR protocol. They are serviced.

So these 4 will be next years stragglers. I am pleased that the other sixteen will calve in September. As we have discussed, these late cows exhibit suppressed estrus cycles. It does no good to patch them or chalk them. Year after year, these last cows to breed have clear mucus, they jump other cows and their vulva appears red and swollen but they are rarely ridden by the bred cows. The early fall bull calves follow them and ride them but do not rub the chalk or patch.

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