healthy calf died in 12hrs

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We have a small cow/calf operation with about 60 cows. we had a 2nd year heifer give birth two days ago that was an easy pull(above average size)after an hour or so we checked to see if it was up. Though it was alert and healthy in appearance, it didn't stand up on its own. After another hour we used powdered formula to give it a start. When checking it out the next morning the cow did not seem to have been nursed. The calf seemed to be OK still not up without some help. We fed it 1/2 a bottle. Upon checking back in 1/2 an hour it was dead. Never seen a big healthy calf die so quick

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Don't know if this fits your situation or not but if the cow's diet is too low in selenium, the calf will quickly die. This is because the selenium is vital in muscle development and when deficient, the heart muscle can't handle much, if anything. Generally healthy and good looking calves will die for no apparent reason.

Just an idea.

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