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Jan 22, 2007
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About 15-18 yrs ago we bought a head catch made by a company in Galena, KS. I can not remember the company name but the model was called Head Hunter or Head Hunter II. I like the design of the gate and the way it works better than most I have seen. But as all things mechanical, the gate is needing some TLC. Mainly new springs. Also, I would like to purchase another to put at another field. I have tried doing a google search and seem to come up empty handed everytime. I wish I had a picture but forgot the camera when down at mom and dads Christmas.
Maybe next time I go down there I will take a camera.
I have two questions:

1. Does anybody know about this brand and is it still on the market?

2. Where would one go about find replacement springs for a head catch?

Thanks for your help.
Our local farm supply carrys misc. springs, also the local large machine shop has them. Might take one of the springs in and see if they can match it.
The head catch you have was made by Wadler Industries. I purchased a used one at a auction a few weeks ago and tried tracking them down only to find out they they no longer manufacture head catches anymore. The one I have also seems to have a weak main spring. I am trying to figure out how it gets set up to auto head catch since it seems like it should have more then just the large main spring, If you find a main spring let me know and if I find one I'll let you know. If you could give me a brief explaination how it gets setup to auto catch I would be very thankful.
I know this is not the favorite place but most TSC stores have a selection of springs.
Also have seen springs at Lowes, Home Depot and at my local NH dealer, who had some types of springs. Most of "my" parts guys are really good if you can bring them the old part or even a picture they will usually come up with a match.
i have this same head gate.you must have the main spring and 2 small springs.

to make it work in auto you open the gate where there head and neck will go threw push the locking levers toward the opening and they will hold the gate open until shoulders hit then main spring pulls gates shut. but locking levers must have the small springs to lock gates or they will push on threw or back out.I lock mine with visegrips because i havent been able to find the right springs.

hope that is a little clearer than mud.
Recently I purchased a Cattle Head Gate advertised on Craigs List. I had to pick it up in Atlanta, Ga. The owner was the nicest fellow. The Head Gate has a missing spring and needed cleaning up a bit. It still had the factory sticker on it. Priefert Model 85. I called Priefert in Texas and it took about five minutes to order two new springs at $3.50 each. The surprise was when I ask how Priefert wanted me to pay. The salesman said "We will just bill you seven bucks". Thats exactly how I used to do a lot of business, My word and a handshake. Very rare these days.
Is there any possibility any of you that have the head hunter could possible post a picture of the unit completed. We bought one and it is in pretty bad disrepair. We thought surely we could find a manual or something. Like what has been said before. No dice. Out of business and nothing they could do to provide any information. Really wanting to put it back into working order, but it needs quite a bit of work.

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