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Given 'AVERAGE' Quality Bluestem Hay, What is Probable Protein Content?

  • Less than 5%

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  • 6 to 9 %

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  • 10 to 13%

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I clicked on 6 to 9, but that's what we've had tested. Is this native bluestem hay or improved bluestem? Was it fertilized? The question is sort of like "what does a steer weigh" which is why you probably don't get an answer from the University or Extension people.
If you do a google search on "feed composition guide" you'll get links to several studies conducted by some PHD of Texas Tech.

Even that I don't bale my Bluestem grass anymore in the past we tested at a local Ag Institute and that I recall it was inbetween 6-9%.

Running Arrow Bill":3godv5jb said:
Thought I'd try to get info on a poll...lol. Have had NO success on this topic from University Ag people or Extension People...am I missing something here...???

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