Hay feeders for Longhorns

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LH cattle can get their head, more places than you think they can. With that said, I'd still go with a horse hay ring. I've had them get mineral feeders stuck to their heads before, so they can pose their own set of problems as well.
Agree with Bigfoot, go with a horse type one that they don't have to finagle their head into. My one longhorn heifer can twist her horns around and get her head in alot of places, but I prefer her to not HAVE to . And I have a "bull mineral" feeder, that they have to pickup the flap covering it with their nose , and not have to get their head "into" a mineral feeder.
We have one LH cow. A novelty my Dad bought for my wife 10 years ago. She has 50+ inches of horn and easily works in and out of regular hay rings. She knows exactly where the tips of those horns are!
Some baler twine and a Sawzall will solve the issue quite nicely also.

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