Have you ever sent something to someone by accident?

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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
This question was posed on my uni forums and sparked an interesting and entertaining discussion.

So have you ever sent something (email, text message, voice message, etc) to someone accidently - maybe it was meant for someone else?

I will fess up a little later once I have heard from some other people :oops:
Yup, not much different then dialing the wrong number on the phone
The administrator of a forestry forum I frequent noticed his wife was on the forum one day. He sent a PM saying "I am imagining you nekked!" Only problem is he sent it to member who also was an advertiser on the forum. :lol: Soon as he hit the send button, he figured out what he had done, and sent another explaining himself. It got a lot of laughs on that forum. These folks have a big forum pig roast every summer. The advertiser quietly pulled in to the shindig, and stripped down to a pair of shorts. He made his appearance in the back yard with a towel wrapped around him. :lol: :clap: I wasn't there, but the pictures were hilarious.
i send the wrong texts to the wrong people all the time since my 2 best friends are stored right next to each other. oops.
ups driver that comes in here, accidently hit speed dial on his cell phone to his wife....... while he was he'in and a she'in with another women...probably dont get much worse than that id say :lol:
too many times .. emailed wrong person, called the wrong person.. embarassing to say the least a few of them were. :oops:
Oh yeah! Did it once and the consequences were not pleasant. I check very, very carefully before I hit send, now. :oops:

Crowderfarms":fzdoc0sr said:
I accidently forwarded an email tiltled "78 reasons to own a picure phone" to my Mom. Had to do some 'splainin'. :oops:

Were all 78 of them over 500lbs?
Let's just say that when you are arguing with the wife and you hang up your cell phone, be absolutely sure the cell phone is actually hung up. :eek: :eek: :eek:
Back several years ago.my ex had a guy calling her and harrasing her on the phone.
One day I was home and answered the phone,and heard all this heavy breathing on the other end.
Thinking it was this same guy I really unloaded on him,now I usally do not have a potty mouth but I really made an exception that time.I unloaded before they could say a word.They hung up on me.
That evening MIL called the wife and was madder than a hornet,telling her that I was the most filthy talking man she'd ever met.
Seem's her car had broke down and she'd walked over a mile to get to a payphone to call us.
I guess all the heavy breathing,was her trying to get her breath after walking a mile.
Anyway the relationship between my MIL and I was not good for quite a while.

Crowderfarms":118uextr said:
cfpinz":118uextr said:
Crowderfarms":118uextr said:
I accidently forwarded an email tiltled "78 reasons to own a picure phone" to my Mom. Had to do some 'splainin'. :oops:

Were all 78 of them over 500lbs?
Not a one over 115.I still have it if you need a copy...

By all means. It's got to beat those nude self-portraits that dun keeps sending me, he's got more wrinkles than a shar-pei!

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