Have to love my Border Collie

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Jan 6, 2017
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Near the Mason Dixon line
We have an 8 year old purebred Border Collie who has never been trained, but naturally knows how to herd just about anything. Just a few week ago we were moving the cattle to their winter barn. A few of the cows would not come into the chute. Our dog circled them and took them up the chute into the trailer. Moving cattle is one of his favorite things to do. This is one of the reasons that I have to love my Border Collie.
Can't beat em. And a good one you don't have to really train. You just let em watch. Their mind seems to be wired to work and to please and they are constantly watching and trying to figure out how to do both.
I can't understand having anything else.

Skunk this morning.. :D

Ours runs after the calves and herds them together until the moms realize that he is herding their calf, then they usually run him out of the pasture. His favorite of all of them is our herd bull who will run away from him all the time. I guess it makes the dog feel tough.
Have a pure bred border collie along with a couple muts. She has so much energy it tires me out just watching her. I haven't trained her in the least bit but she gets it somewhat. Only problem is if something runs she is after it. Been a time or two she ran them towards me. I guess she was trying to bring them to me but it scared the crap out of me.

My heeler was caught up under a cow in full sprint and ejected out the side. Flew at least ten feet i'd guess. He has been unable to face the fear and get back out there with me. He won't leave the yard. He also got kicked in the head as a pup so i guess i would have reservations as well.

Are all border collie's energetic to the point its crazy? My Alley has ran to the point of throwing up many times, only to keep running after she clears her stomach.
My Border Collie is a fat lazy 10 year old that came along with my wife. In her younger days she herded cattle on a big ranch in the high desert on the Oregon Nevada line. She worked the big circles. She is reasonably well trained. She will flat eat a cow but only on command. I learned early on not to say "get" because that is the magic word. Be closing a gate and casually tell a tame cow to get out of the way and the previously fat lazy dog turns into a black streak headed after that cow.
I took her with me to the cow sale last week. No leash needed, I tell her to stay with me and she is right there. We were waiting for them to start. We were sitting in the third row up. They ran a small steer into the ring. She snapped right to attention. Her ears were quivering. There was a guy standing BSing down in front of us. Every time that calf ran by so that guy was blocking her view she would lean to the right or left so she could keep that calf in sight. I am certain if I had muttered the word get, she would have cleared two rows of seat, climbed through the ring fence and got after that calf. And she is a fat lazy 10 year old.

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