Have not seen calf nurse

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Apr 12, 2013
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Had a calf born on Saturday 3 days ago.
Have not seen it nurse for sure have tried to watch it and the cow and calf get nervous and walk to the other end of the pasture.
I saw the calf have a bowel movement tonight. The calf looks a little thin but walks with mom all over the pasture. this is a 8yr old cow that has had and raised great calves in the past. Should I be worried or not Thanks Jeff
dun":1sdh8lng said:
If something is coming out something has to be going in
Agree. If the calf hasn't nursed in three days, I don't think it would still be alive.
I have had calves that I did not see nurse for close to a week, but did not get anxious as its energy level was way up, and they had bowel movements. Sometimes the cow gets nervous with me around and prefers to nurse the calf outside of my viewpoint. As said before if he is still very active and you can not see ribs, then my guess would be that the calf will be fine.
Thanks for the info
The calf is active it kicked and tried to run away this morning I brought the cow and calf up so we can watch a little better Jeff
You can usually tell by mamas bag if the calf is nursing. I do feel better when I actually see it suck.
Thanks for the info.
Things are looking up. Had the vet. out on Wed. and they gave her a shot of resflor and promax gel.
And the next morning she was sucking and we got her back on mom. We just turned them back out with the other cows and calves.
This was a learning experience that worked out. Jeff

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