Have I had a good week, or a bad week?

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Dec 16, 2008
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NW Missouri
On Monday, an independent engineer's report told my insurance company that I wasn't liable for a problem from work. Yeaaaa, I knew I wasn't. Wednesday, I fixed a water leak for a really good customer. Thursday he called and said it's still leaking. I told him that is the worst news I have had this week, and I hope it doesn't go downhill from here. I was joking, but within the hour, my truck motor quit. Water in the crankcase. Called my garage, they came and got it, $2,000 for a used engine. That's ok, I buy used phone trucks for my business, don't believe in spending a lot on vehicles. Friday I took the day off to wean and work calves. Found out I had lost three more calves to pasture bloat than I thought. That's ok, nothing I can do about it now. Got up Saturday morning, and it had rained. Fed my new weaned calves, and the lot was muddy. So I opened a gate and let them in a different lot, went to Home Depo 30 miles away to get stuff for Monday, came home and had 107 calves in the road. Worked from 9 am till 3:30 pm getting them back cuz' I didn't check all the gates. Left one open. Decided to start drinkin', cuz I'm still alive, have wonderful kids and grandkids, and the best wife in the world. Ain't life wonderful for a plumber? gs
Sounds like it's been a challenge, but if it was easy everybody would be doin it. Seems like if the family is doin good a feller can take a lot and keep on going. We all have those kind of weeks. Hang in there buudy, next week will be better.

Nobody got hurt,neither animal or human..(well,excpt for the ones that died) You figgured the truck was on it's way out. Good bed to sleep in,good food to eat,hat on your head,shoes on your feet..Hey,life's good

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