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Dec 12, 2008
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Wanted to let you all know about a freebie going on right now in the horse advertising industry... Liverystable.net is giving away free ads for the rest of '08. If you have a horse to sell, or stallion at stud to advertise, or anything horse related you want to post on a great horse classifieds website, now is the time to do it!

You can visit the home page for instructions, at http://www.liverystable.net or I'll give you quick instructions here:

1. Create a member account at Liverystable.net by clicking Register and signing up. Free and easy.

2. Place an ad, upload photos, and include all the details about your horse.

3. When you get to the Transaction Details page where payment options are given, there is a box that says "Enter your discount code:" In this box, type Happy Holidays and submit your ad. The code gives you 100% off all your ad purchases, no limit how much you spend.

Just thought you might like to take advantage of some great advertising. Liverystable.net is a really great horse website!

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