Has anyone out there had any experience with pearl millet?

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Feb 7, 2004
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I would like to try it on a small field, I can't find out much about it except that it doesn't seem to have any of the toxins that you have to worry about with rye and some of the other forage crops.
Grows best on well drained/sandy soils. Likes heat, doesn't tolerate cooler weather. I had some excellent results with it. But bad results come if you aren't patient. I use it to establish a good ground cover when renovating pastures. Comes up quick and horses and cattle slurp it up. Make sure to let it get established 24" or more in height before grazing. Don't graze it to the knub. Grazers will eat the leaves and leave the seed heads. Seed heads attract other wildlife. Had some good dove hunts over pearl millet.
we planted some a couple years ago, grows fast, cows like it, but it WOULD NOT dry to put up for hay. Had to rake it 3 times, and spray it with something that was supposed to help it dry, twice. Neighbor did some last year and says it had high nitrates it got put up a little wet I remember.
Feed atlot of it growing up on the dairy farm. Dad green chopped it. Planted 1 1/2 acres of it and chopped twice a day for 30 Holsteins and could not keep up with it.

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