Has anyone lost a horse?

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A beautiful Quarterhorse (appearing) mare showed up in my barn. I penned her and starting looking for the owner..I Called all law enforcement agencies in my area and contacted all vets and horse owners....still no one has claimed her. Recently she had a gorgeous colt. He is extremenely muscled and had to come from some great stallion...I just know the mare was special to someone. I live in SE Alabama...if someone has lost a horse and can identify her...I would return her for just the expense I have had with her. I believe the horse might have been stolen from Florida and let off the trailer near my home as I live near the Florida line.... Thanks
Contact your local brand inspector, (and/or odd as it seems, branch of SPCA). He/she is probably the most qualified to find the horse's owner. Somewhere, someone must sure be missing that mare.

Let us know how it goes. Take care.
That's too bad for whomever owns the mare, however, brand inspectors do get reports for missing animals and have a vast network to work with.
Just a suggestion. Up here our brand inspectors always have a sheaf of papers describing animals that have been stolen, and sadly alot of horses have no brands, just photographs to identify them, so I'm just assuming the US equivalent would have something similar.

Take care and good luck reuniting her with her owners.
On DreamHorse.com there is a place for you to post lost or stolen horses. Maybe you may find a photo of the horse on it. You could also post that you found one with no brand on it.

In our area we sometimes micro chip our horses,dogs, and cats. They have scanners that read the information. Do you know if your vet scanned the horse for a Micro chip?

Good luck.
Read a crosspost on About horses Forum. Not sure what the status is on this horse but wanted to pass along this link to a stolen horse site you can post info on too. NetPosse. http://www.netposse.com/

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