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Jan 28, 2004
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springfield, mo
I have a first calf heifer that I recently noticed that the skin under her neck seems to be hanging lower than I ever noticed before. I had a neighbor tell me that it might be hardware. I know a lot of animals die from this. What can I do? Anybody got any suggestions? Could it be something else? Looking forward to hearing from all of you!
I've seen quite a few animals die from hardware. A projectile traveling 3500 feet per second becomes lodged in the brain rendering death. Better get that checked out.
I had a steer once that had hardware disease. Usually you will see them standing with there back sort of hunched up sucking up their stomach. They get pretty thin after awhile.

D. R. Cattle - That sounds like Mad Farmer Disease to me. Symptoms include a lack of ability of the cows to recognize fences as any sort of barrier, along with a genuinely surly attitude. Far more cows die from this disease every year than will ever die from mad cow disease.