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one of my cows has small knots on her neck, head and rear legs, I noticed this when i took a closer look at her because she has not slicked off and looks to have fell off alittle. I am having a vet out mon to do some other work, and i plan to have her looked at. I don't know why but leukosis comes to my mind. Any input thanks

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Don't know if this is similar thing or not. Last week my Peruvian Paso mare (not our other horses) had 30-40 quarter size (large bubble-pack type curved things) on her back, sides, neck, and belly. Two vets said was probably hives from something she had eaten or had rolled in, or swarm of insects got to her. Vet prescribed a corticosteroid injection and the bumps went away in next 24-36 hours. Apparently she was ultra-sensitive and other animals were not. Check with your vet.

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