Happy Canada Day

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Mar 2, 2004
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Northeastern BC Canada
Just want to wish my fellow Canadian posters a happy Canada Day. Hope everyone gets a chance to throw a steak on the BBQ and kick back a little. Salute, eh?

Here's a neat picture from the Glenbow Photo Archives of a pioneer named Bill Day and his moose team. Good old Canadian sense of humour and ingenuity, gotta love it.


Best wishes from British Columbia!
Happpy Canada to youtooAnnie :) and all of your Fellow Conservative Canadians. :)
The rest of them; well!!! :p :p :p
Same to you CattleAnnie and frenchie-- Didn't Canada Day used to be called Victoria Day?

In our county we have a huge lake and recreational area which is only about 70 miles south of the border - years ago when the Canadian dollar was worth something we'd get huge crowds down on July 1 - and I always thought they said they were celebrating Victoria Day- well anyway they'd just stay and celebrate our 4th of July while they were at it- One thing most Canadians know how to do well is celebrate.

Like the picture- Never saw a Red River cart with a hitch like that before.
Last summer we had several moose around that we figured probably came south out of Canada- kind of strange seeing a moose out on the prairie.
Oldtimer ...actually Victoria day is in May.

But you are right we do like to have a good time, We used to spend a fair bit of time south of the line.Really miss that.

yeah I would believe a moose down there ,would be quite a sight. :lol: :lol:
Last summer we had several moose around that we figured probably came south out of Canada

:shock: Do the moose know they are not allowed across the border? ;-)

I'm sorry that struck me as funny. Guess I need another beer. Have a good day all. :cboy: :cboy:

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