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Dec 13, 2008
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Lillooet, BC, Canada
first off, this isn't exactly "show", but probably the best forum to post it in

I have a heck of a time finding good cow halters, and we all know beef cow heads are shaped differantly than dairy cow heads, namely, the length of the nose... I've had very limited success with horse halters on cows for that very reason

who makes good halters, and where do you find them? when I was in Georgia I found a couple "Weaver" halters, one was calf size, and was was full grown cow size.. now if only I can get them to grow from calf to cow over night! i'm looking for a halter that can stand up to the weather, and be left on.. I think they're called "turn out" halters?
I understand the temptation to leave a halter on, but I would really discourage it. If something bad can happen (like they get hung up), then it will happen eventually. I have left halters on for a short time, a few days, if I was doctoring the animal ~ but they came back off when I was done.

I have nylon halters with a chain that runs under the chin. They were made for cattle ~ you are right, horse halters will not fit cattle. I got my at a fleet supply store, I don't remember who makes them. Ideally each cow has their own (and no they are not pink, but they will be!! :nod: ). They are made with many options for sizing and I took a nail and got it hot, burned holes in the straps and modified them for when they were a little too small, before the girls grew into them. I have a pic of one of my cows on here wearing one, let me go see if I can find it.


Now she was only wearing the halter because the vet had to come pull the twins.
You will see in the 2nd pic that there is a metal ring on the drivers side (maybe you can see it, but it is there). That is attached to the chain that goes under their chin. Some people hook a lead to that or tie them by that. I don't use it. It hurts I think, and it is unnecessary.
that's the exact cow halter I got, the calf halter I got doesn't have the chain but is the same design... With the calves, I'm happy if i can just get them to stand still, so it's perfect, but I have a heck of a time to make them move when they're older (and I like using one cow as a lead cow to bring them in for weaning time, etc, and I evidently have to be faster with her than the rest of the herd, or I'm not leading)... i'd never tie one up by the chain though.. well.. maybe an unruly cow, but they usually just wind up in the headgate and never wear a halter anyhow

looks like this one if the link works for you
http://www.lumber2.com/PhotoDetails.asp ... =WE35-0900

Cute bunch there too!
I have halters shaped like that, but they are leather, so if a cow got stuck and had to fight, they could break the leather. I have it on my 2 heifers that are going to be my milk cows when they calf, so i want them super friendly. they come in a stall and get hooked every day when i feed.
If you go to Texas Longhorn Ranch Supply, they have their cattle halters made with a longer strap that runs under the neck. I've found it them to work very well, and on a wider range of animals.


mine has an adjustable neckstrap.. I'll have to see if it needs to be shorter, , in which case it's nothing a hot nail won't fix
I've always used rope halters for working with my cattle. They're easy to get on and off and to control the animal with. If you are looking for a cloth style halter, you might check in the Nasco catalog, they've got pretty good stuff and all styles and whatnot. http://www.enasco.com

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