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I was given a baldy cow with newborn.Everythings been fine for the past 6 weeks with mom and calf. During this time I bonded with mom and she trusts me to groom her now. And I found hair loss on her neck and top of neck. And now the calf is losing hair on her neck and ears. But the tips of her ears are raw. Its not cold in the barn where I keep them. I keep a very clean and heavily bedded stall. I maintain them like well kept horses. I picked up lice away but that is not working. Help! What should i use?

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If they have lice, I would use Cylence, a pour on insecticed that works well.

Remember it is Spring, my horses and most of my cattle are shedding and getting their summer coats, bet bet is on shedding, but if you can find some lice then you know what the trouble is,

Oh, cows can get rain rot just like a horse, that may be the trouble,if they were in wet conditions for extended period of time, I would say rain rot, best method of treatment is Listereen (SP) mouthwash, original, spray it on and leave it dry, no need to wash off works great and leaves them smelling fresh, used on 100's of horses in constant show conditions, helps prevent fungus when horses are wet with sweat daily, and then blanketed shortly after being bathed.

Good luck

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