Hair loss around eyes - Racoon Eyes

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Mar 19, 2016
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near Ft Worth, Texas
This steer was taken to the vet for shots and castration three weeks ago. Vet said it had lice and gave it IV Ivermectin. The hair loss around the eyes looks strange. Otherwise, he still looks a little mangy but not any worse than at the vets. Could it be ringworm? The others don't have the same round patches anywhere. Any suggestions?

Looks like a couple we have and I would say ringworm. We get them in the chute, use a semi-stiff brush to try to get anything scaly off, then usually "paint" the spots with iodine, or even vaseline to smother the fungus. I use a smaller paintbrush when we use the iodine so it doesn't get in their eyes. Usually takes 2 "treatments" through the chute. We have 4 or 5 out of 40 that have it. Haven't seen any lice but that's pretty common this time of year so figure we will have some of that before it's over.
a bunch of mine have it too.. I know mine have some lice, and they can cause that.. I know the ones that don't have lice don't have the racoon eye either
We have about half a group of "weaners" with it. We feel it's ringworm and it's the perfect time of the year for it. Longer days and more sunlight usually clear it up on it's own according to two different vet consults. Looks unsightly but none of mine have been negatively affected by it.
Thanks to all for the replys. I thought ringworm was highly contagious and would transfer to the rest of the herd by rubbing and also to people. If the risk is low, I can let it ride. Working them is hard for me since I am both relatively new, 2nd yr, and don't have a chute. I could pin him between a gate and a panel, if absolutely necessary. I can get them in approximately 20 by 20 corral where I feed and water them. Is there a treatment that I could spray a few feet away that won't damage the eyes?
I've been told that ringworm is contagious and can be spread through a group; rubbing on each other or rubbing on posts etc and then another going and rubbing there. That said, we seem to get about 1 out of 10 in some groups every year, and it doesn't seem to spread very much as they all seem to have it at the same time. One vet said not to get too panicky over it as sunlight and warmer weather usually will take care of it. So we treat if we are trying to get them ready to sell, and don't treat if it isn't convenient. We will try to use pour-on for the lice and don't know if the combination of having lice with the ringworm causes it to spread from the lice on them. One vet said not to worry about the lice as they will be shedding off and the lice usually go with the long hair....we think the pour-on helps to get rid of them and keeps them from losing any weight from them irritating the cows.
Thank you "farmerjan" and all for your responses. If it seems to bother the steer, I will get something done. Right now, it just looks strange. The Ivermectin should have handled the lice. Horn flies are already a real problem here in North Texas. so I treated the bunch with permethrin spray while they were in the corral.

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