Hair gone from switch

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I have an angus cow that has lost all of the hair out of her switch. I checked her one evening and she was fine. The next evening all of the hair was gone from the end of her tail. Any ideas what is causing this and what I can do to treat it?
ive also seen this happen from getting stepped on or getting the tail hair tangled in a tree limb. this happened to one of the best looking heifers i ever had. i was miffed.
Something similar to Beefy's reply, I've had them to pull the hair completely out by hitting it into a barb-wire fence.
From my experience if the got it switch stepped on there would be blood everywhere. But sounds like in this case it will grow back.

Also, when I was in college I worked for a dairy farmer. He had ended up eradicating his herd due to Johnes. At the end, the cows all started to lose their switches. Maybe a mineral deficiancy(sp)? Just a thought

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