Had a bull calf with a limp for several days

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Jun 8, 2004
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I was worried to death because he was my best calf. He's a big pet...so I pick up his right rear hoof, and there is a rock between his toes on his hoof. Take it out and he runs like a calf in the cool afternoon. :D

I've never had this happen before...(rock in hoof) This common?
Yep, if ya got rocks and small stones on your place you will sure have stones caught up in the hoof of both cattle and horses,

This is seen more when the ground is soft and the cattle are maken hoof prints all over the pasture,

Your method of treatment was right on track, the only thing I would have added to it, would would have been to dry it out with some tinkture of iodine, just to reduce risk of infection

It is a cheap once of prevention worth every penny v the pound of cure with antibiotics

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