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Nov 16, 2012
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Europe, Lithuania
Just recently we had some change in our cattle registration system, and now we can look at what breeds are in our cattle. That's pretty interesting. So decided that it'd would be fun to do a mini game. :) Here are some photos of some girls. Try to guess what beef and dairy breeds are in them. Have fun!







To make it easier, match an animal with a description:

1. 50% Angus, 25% Lith. black and white, 18.75% Charolais, 3.175% unknown, 2.539...% Danish Red, 0.48...% Lith.Red.

2. 50% Limousin, 12.5% Hereford, 12.5% Angus, 9.375% Charolais, 4.6875% Swedish red and white, 4.6875%unknown, 3.125% German Red, 1.171875% Norwegian red and white, 1.2695...% Danish Red, 0.39...% Ayrshire, 0.29...% Lith.Red.

3. 50% Angus, 25% Belgian Blue, 12,5% Lith. black and white, 12.5% Holstein.

4.50% Limousin, 25% Hereford, 9.375% Swedish red and white, 6,25% unknown, 6.25% German Red, 2.34375% Norwegian red and white, 0.78125% Ayrshire.

5. 59.375% Limousin, 12.5% Angus, 18.75% Charolais, 4.6875% unknown, 2.539...% Danish Red, 1.171875% Holstein, 0.39...% Danish black and white, 0.5859...% Lith. Red.
When a new calf is born it's registered online with his dam and sire info. Only purebred registered bull, or AI bull can be a sire of the calf. Earlier we could look just at the dam's reg number and sire's reg number, now all calf's blood % is shown. All crossbred animals were always named as xbred and nobody counted what breeds are in them. Now, when dairy farmers are milking those beefxdairy cows and getting beef subsidies for them, it's been decided that it's time to start counting the beef %. It was always registered what bull was used for the cow, but nobody really cared what the breed was, the most important thing was if it's dairy or beefx calf.
Now when registrating the calf you can also write it's colour, birth ease, BW, name if want to.
All breeding data was in the data base for many years, just nobody really used it. I personally, like it how it is now. Pretty interesting to see the ancestry of animals.

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