Growing Alfalfa in TX

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Dec 30, 2003
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I was wondering...being a 'transplant' from Nebraska to South Central hard would it be to grow some Alfalfa for hay down this way? I'm not talking hundreds of acres; just a few. I know I'd more than likely have to keep it irrigated...but what about the soil? We have alot of ciliche (not sure of the spelling) rock in the ground here...but the soil is 'real' dirt mixed with some sand. I wasn't sure if no one planted it because of the long, hot, dry summers or if it just had a hard time growing because of the soil. ANY comments or suggestions would be appreciated!
I have asked the same questions to some of the farmers/ranchers around here just north of Dallas, and I was told it was all of the reasons you mentioned! The lack of summer rainfall, the hard caliche black soil and the hot summers make it way too expensive to try and grow here. That's why everyone sticks with the coastal bermuda, it's very drought tolerant and grows like weeds when it gets a little rain in the summer time.

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